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Video and Film Product News from NAB Show 2017

TRICASTER TC-1 4K Production Switcher

Hot off the press at the NAB Show - new products and developments for producers, directors, editors and content producers. This was one of the best NAB Shows that I've attended. With a lot of concrete developments in the areas of 4K (and beyond) production pipelines, acquisition, media management and lots of activity in the LIVE Production space. A big announcement came from Newtek - showing the brand new Tricaster TC1 - which includes the ability to switch at 4K resolution - going all the way to 60p frame rate. Like previous versions of the Tricaster, the TC1 includes character generator, multiple DSKs, built-in recording and multi-channel media playback capabilities. Blackmagic Design had what could be the largest floor space of any single company with the possible exception of Sony. The Blackmagic space was packed with show-goers eager to put their hands on the latest 4K innovations, which include cameras, switchers, recording devices, routers and signal distribution, monitors and signal processors/signal conversion solutions. Blackmagic has product in almost every category of video and film production and post production. From incredible 4.6K cameras like the Ursa Mini through Editing and Color Correction solutions like DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic continues to evolve and disrupt the marketplace, delivering amazing levels of performance at a fraction of the "normal price" is what they're famous for. Recent acquisitions by Blackmagic include Fairlight Audio, whose high-end mixing solutions are used in major Hollywood studios and Ultimatte the company that truly mastered the fine art of green or blue screen chroma-keying solutions.

Blackmagic's ATEM Television Studio Pro HD

Blackmagic rolled out their brand new ATEM Television Studio Pro HD - which includes the ability to mix (switch) any combination of HDMI or HD-SDI sources in realtime, along w/ 2 DSKs for titling and animation overlay. The multiview output from this switcher can be viewed via HDMI or HD-SDI on any HDMI or HD-SDI compliant monitor. The new switcher also allows metered monitoring of up to 8 embedded audio sources (HDMI or HD-SDI) and also features remote control of any PTZ type cameras that support the Sony VISCA control protocol.


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