• Diane Rydzewski

Meyer Sound Demo Fun

TEL people are always learning and trying out new technology . Ever since we used the Meyer Sound SB-3FR sound field loudspeakers and the MILO 60 line array speakers at "THE BIG HOUSE" aka Michigan Stadium, we have been a fan of Meyer (and U of M - of course...Go Blue!)

Our install crews know that when Meyer loudspeakers are pushed hard...they deliver. So, we were happy to head out to the historic Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis this week to attend the Meyer Sound demo sessions for their LINA Very Compact Linear Line Array Loudspeaker and 750-LFC Very Compact Low-Frequency Control Element. T.

For more information on these speakers you can call the TEL Systems Sales Department. We would be happy to talk with you and design an audio system that best meets your needs. It's what we do ! And...for your viewing pleasure we have attached a few photos from the Meyer event, AND...our Meyer install at the Big House a few years back.


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