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  • Diane Rydzewski


2017 was the inaugural year for our TEL-CARES program. In trying to make the spirit

of generosity a way of life for our staff, we are embarking on a series of small, but meaningful actions of kindness throughout the year. We just finished our “Helping to Fight Hunger” December Food Donation program for Food Gatherers of Washtenaw County.

Food Gatherers is the food rescue program and food bank serving Washtenaw County. They collect perishable food from local retail businesses; bring it back to their warehouse to be sorted, then combined with food donations from individuals and food drives, and re-packaged/distributed to over 150 programs and agencies that serve food to people in need.

In 2018 TEL will continue to do frequent events and volunteer activities for the good of our community. The sharing and giving at the TEL organization starts at the top as TEL continues to put time and money into our people, infrastructure, training and workplace environment.

We believe the more you give, the more you get back.

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