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  • Diane Rydzewski

TEL Systems Receives APEx Certification

TEL Systems is pleased to announce that we have received APEx certification. This certification is a great honor and provides outside recognition of our high quality of service, technical expertise and professionalism as an Audiovisual Provider of Excellence through the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association. AVIXA™ is the producer of InfoComm trade shows around the world, co-owner of Integrated Systems Europe, and the premier international trade association representing the audiovisual industry.

As an APEx Company we are proud to stand behind AVIXA standards for the audiovisual industry. These standards, for system design and coordination, and system verification, show that our company can facilitate communication on all levels of a project, and most importantly, deliver a verified system that meets the client needs.

Established more than 30 years ago, AVIXA’s Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) certification at all levels demonstrates audiovisual knowledge and skills. Our certified employees adhere to the CTS Code of Ethics and Conduct and maintain their status through continued education. Today, there are more than 11,000 audiovisual professionals who have earned the CTS credential. To achieve APEx status (as TEL Systems has) demonstrates a commitment to professional excellence by supporting employees who achieve and maintain individual AVIXA certification credentials.

TEL Systems encourages our employees to advance their education and obtain these individual CTS certifications. The CTS for general expertise in AV, the CTS®-D for specialization in AV design and the CTS®-I for specialization in AV installation, set the standard for AV professional credentials.

The APEx program also requires proven customer satisfaction from our previous clients. Many of our clients have been in contact with AVIXA’s third party survey provider and have completed highly rated customer satisfaction surveys.

TEL Systems is proud to be among this elite group of professional companies. We stand behind our company’s services, quality solutions, and customer orientation, and have pledged through AVIXA’s Core Values Agreement to uphold a strict code of ethics and workmanship practices that we integrate into our daily routine. In this highly technical and complex arena, hiring knowledgeable AV professionals fosters a productive, efficient and effective project experience, mitigating problems and budget overruns.

TEL Systems’ APEx status offers outside recognition of our staff’s expertise and provides our customers with confidence that their job will be undertaken and completed in the best way possible.

For more information on the APEx program, please visit

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