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What else will I see at TEL-TECH ?

Listed below, in no particular order, are more of the award winning technology products that will be available for demonstration at TEL-TECH 2018 on September 26 at TEL Systems in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Visit our Events page for more information.

Marshall Furniture

Marshall Furniture will be showing their Lectern Model ARCO 2525M . It is a brand new, quick ship product in their "Affordable, Architectural Solutions" line.


Marshall is also bringing Lectern Model ELCO RL35 which offers ADA height adjust and wheelchair accessibility in their quick ship line. https://www.marshallfurniture.com/quick-ship-furniture/product-lines/quick-ship-desks/item/355-elco-rl-height-adjust-desks/1195-elco-35rl-compact-height-adjust-desk-in-slate-gray-melamine-wild-cherry-laminate-mfi-49813


NEC will be showcasing their EX341R-BK-D 34” Multi Sync Curved LCD and their P502HL-2 1080P DLP Projector.




Planar is bringing a TWS 0.9mm LED Videowall in a 3x3 configuration for an LED wall with 81” diagonal and 1920x1080 resolution. They are a leader in fine pixel pitch LED and this is just one version of their LED products.



As we noted the other day, Epson will be showcasing their new L20000U - a 20K lumen Laser Projector https://news.epson.com/news/new-high-lumen-4k-laser-projectors

They are also planning to bring their new smaller laser projector that just launched, the Powerlite L610U and the new Lightscene product.

Lightscene - https://epson.com/lightscene-accent-lighting-projector-for-digital-signage-art

Powerlite 610U - https://epson.com/For-Work/Projectors/Meeting-Room/PowerLite-L610U-Wireless-WUXGA-3LCD-Laser-Projector/p/V11H901020

And last, Epson is also providing a PowerLite 1780W Wireless WXGA 3LCD Projector as one of the door prizes. It’s one of their ultra portable series…laptop size with a case…so it’s great for people on the go.


Christie will be showing their Access Series of LCD displays. These budget-friendly, plug-and-play displays come with professional features such as a 4K UHD resolution, OPS slot, USB playback and 16/7 run-times. With available touch capability, the Access Series can provide an interactive solution for dynamic presentations, educational collaboration or engaging retail applications.



Sony will be displaying:

1. MCX500 An affordable, user-friendly and flexible production switcher that makes it simple for a single operator or small team to produce a broadcast quality live video https://pro.sony/ue_US/products/portable-live-production/mcx-500

2. LMD-A240 Full HD 24” LCD Monitor for field or studio use. https://pro.sony/ue_US/products/broadcastpromonitors/lmd-a240-v2.0

3. SRG-360SHE The SRG-360SHE is a high-performance Full HD remote network camera that's ideal for use in lecture capture and auditoriums , as well as corporate, house of worship, government and telemedicine applications.


4. RM-IP500 – Compact PTZ Remote Controller https://pro.sony/ue_US/products/robotic-cameras/rm-ip500

5. VPL – PHZ10 5,000 lumens WUXGA laser light source projector https://pro.sony/ue_US/products/education-installation-projectors/vpl-phz10

Miller’s Presentation Furniture


Miller’s will be showing a 2 Bay Credenza with display solution, a 32” Instructor Lectern and a 32” Media Cart

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