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TEL Sustainability and Green Initiatives


In an effort to promote sustainability and energy efficiency, TEL Systems has implemented the actions listed below, which are a collection of evolving solutions that demonstrate our commitment to preserve and protect the environment.

Our implementation of environmental and pollution control best practices is ongoing and integrates environmental concerns and impacts to our decision-making processes and activities.

Our sustainability actions listed below are both internal (TEL Systems) and external  (job site and client-based.)

  • We support your sustainability goals and will offer our assistance where possible in meeting those obligations.

  • We apply considerations for alternative materials (reuse and recycled content, renewable) and life-cycle costs (repair and maintenance.) when specifying products for you.

  • We are able to offer recycling options.  

  • We encourage the purchase of products and services that have the least amount of impact on the environment which include purchasing post-consumer recycled and eco-friendly products.

  • Advising our suppliers that we are interested in "green products" and encouraging their input.

  • Lighting fixture  and thermostat energy efficiency actions, with centralized control and monitoring. Installation of compact-fluorescent (CFL) lighting throughout TEL Systems offices.

  • We ensure the awareness of our employees to understand the environmental and sustainability policy.  Employees are encouraged to turn off lights when not in their office and recycle and/or reuse office supplies.

  • We are in the process of replacing electronics with energy-efficient and greener equivalent products (laptops instead of desktops, LED monitors, yellow-label products, etc.)

  • Recycle all end-of-life printers, fax machines, monitors, computers, etc.

  • Weekly recycling of cardboard, electronics, plastics, etc.  Areas for recycling are identified and labeled.

  • Use of 100% recycled paper in office.

  • Printed materials about sustainability in employee break room.

  • Updating mailing lists regularly to minimize postal waste and using email notifications where possible. 

  • Updating marketing materials.  Instead of large plastic binders, we are now using folders and online responses to bids and requests for quotes.

  • Replacing company vehicles with more fuel-efficient vehicles and training/advising employees of maintenance expectations and fuel saving driving techniques.

  • Provide unboxed deliveries upon customer request; remove products from boxes and take back cartons/packaging upon customer request.


We make it our goal to be a partner with you in achieving your environmental and sustainability goals.  

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